In just one short month my twenty-seventh  birthday will be arriving. I starting to realize that your late-twenties is a really awkward age to be in. society wants has all of these expectation’s for you from the day your born and your birthday seems to be the marker for you to have them accomplished. early twenties: what college are you going to attend? whats your major? mid-twenties: do you have a stable relationship? a degree? and late-twenties: when are you having children? buying a house? stable career? its a cycle of the same dreading conversation’s you find yourself in when socializing with peers or families. but what if  you never had the opportunity to graduate high school with your peers, instead you were jumped around to different homes & forced to take a job at a really young age and start supporting yourself struggling to be strong for siblings and parents who lost there way in life way before you had a chance to get a grip on life and your daily task was always shovel your own emotions deep down inside where no one could possibly see them so that you could stay strong for the ones crumbling around you and honestly in the end when there’s no one to care for anymore because they’ve all found there way in life your left with all that was bottled up and it surfaces, you battle your demons alone and left with a empty shell that has so much room for growth, a new start. I immediately started rebuilding on my mental health first, I started seeing a therapist and had no shame in it, I needed a outsiders prospective on all the chaos that was happening around me, and ended up meeting the most inspiring woman I have ever encountered in my life she helped me pick up the pieces and start fighting back in life, I came to the decision to quit my stressful job, let go of my high 1,400 monthly rent with expensive fancy car that at the time I felt I needed to prove to everyone “hey look at me I am succeeding in life” along with a ton of unnecessary materialistic things, but in the end it was all used to  fill voids in my life, I did receive a lot of criticism from this even from myself but deep in my heart I knew what was right I needed to start fighting for me. so here I am. finally living, learning and growing.

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